The Best Weekly/Monthly Magazine For Children's In India | In English and Hindi

It's important to nurture kids at their tender age itself. Reading Books will enhance their creativity and improve their language skills. Here are the Best Magazines for the Kids that are sure to make them reading enjoyable.The Below listed magazines are available weekly or monthly.Buy these wonderful mangas for your little ones.
  There are also many competitions that are conducted by every magazines and children's can also send in their amazing works to them. To make your work easy, we have provided the subscription link also.

Top Best Weekly/Monthly Magazine for Kids in English:

The Children's Magazine

The one of the best Kids Magazine which comes with interesting stories with simple understandable language. The magazine also has articles with amazing information along with fun activities that make it a complete magazine for Kids in India. Kids can also post their drawing, short stories, poems in the magazine.

Magazine Price: 45 Rs
Type : 3 months once

Subscribe to it Here: The Children's Magazine


Leading children's magazine in India since 1969. Champak is one of the most popular kid's magazine which engages little toddlers with interesting stories, puzzles, jokes, videos, science and craft activities. Also, the magazine is being published in 8 different languages.The magazine is known for its fascinating tales on animals characters that not only leave a deep imprint on the minds of its young readers but also impart them with knowledge and values.

Also, the Magazine also got  Apps that can be easily and freely downloaded from the Google Play store (Available in different Indian Language).

Magazine Price: Rs 35
Type: available 3 months, 6 months and 1 Year
Subscribe to the Magazine Here: Champak

Champak Magazine Cost 

Chandamama - Memorizing Stories from Past 

A unique magazine which created a trend in storytelling among children's. Chandamama was one of the leading magazines which featured  Indian Mythological stories for years with eye-catching illustrations. Originally "Chandamama" was started in Telugu by  B.Nagi Reddy and Chakrapani.The first edition of the magazine was released in July 1947. In the year 2007 Chandamama magazine was taken over by Geodesic, a Mumbai based software service Provider company.

Also, Read the Special Edition of Chandamama Magazine.They created a collection the best-loved stories in the form of Pdf and published it on their website on completion of 60 years of journey in providing the best stories to Kids.

As of now, there is no chandamama magazine available.But one can get the old magazines from any library.We will update the Chandamama magazine subscription link soon.

Tinkle (where Learning meets Fun)
One of the most loved Indian Magazine with lots of fun and amazing stories for little Toddlers. Read More about the Books and subscriptions here

Tinkle - One of the best magazine for toddlers with lots of fun and inspiring stories.The magazine was originally owned by Indian book House which was later acquired by Amar Chitra Katha Media in 2007.This English magazine for kids is also available in other Indian Languages.
With  Iconic Characters like suppandi, Shikari Shambu, Kalia and the Crow, Tantri the Mantri stories kids and Parents have fallen in love with their activities.
If you are finding hard or impatient to receive your monthly Tinkle kids magazine then you can download Tinkle App from the Google Play store.(Download it from Google Play store).

Suppandi - The Iconic Character of Tinkle

Magazine Price: 50
Type: Monthly Magazine
Tinkle children magazine subscription Link: Tinkle 

Magic Pot -For Nursery/Primary Kids
Magic Pot - the Best Magazine for Kids

Yet another Famous Magazines which is loved by kids. With lots of short stories, Poems, fun activities for children's this magazine has gained a lot of popularity among kids and Parents. Magic Pot is one of the weekly kid's magazines by Manorama Product.The other cheap magazines for kids are, National Geographic Kids, Tell Me Why, Read and Color, Kalikkudukka, etc are few other best works of then.
Like Suppandi in Tinkle, the iconic character in Magic Pot are Luttapi, Mayavi etc are few of the lovable stories.This magazine is mainly made for nursery and Primary kids. 

Do your kid's love games? which kids doesn't!
Here are few games from the magazine's naughty character in Google Play Store.Focused on children, the game provides interesting and challenging fun for people of all ages.They help improve IQ, memory retention skills, shape and colour identification while being entertained.

Magic Pot Games for Kids from Google Play Store
Magic Pot Games for Kids from Google Play Store

Magazine Cost: 
Type: Weekly Magazine
Magic Pot Children Magazine Subscription Link: Magic Pot 

Gokulam Kids Magazine

Gokulam is an informative magazine delivered out by way of the Kalki group. It compiles properly-written informative articles touching myriad subjects like cutting-edge affairs, records, and health. Quick comedian functions, puzzles, technological know-how experiments, quizzes, and even short meals recipes smash the monotony to hold this a breezy yet educative examine.

Submitting stories, drawings or poems: If you would like to send in your children’s stories, poems or your suggestion, please write to them at

Magazine Cost: Rs 15
Type: Weekly Magazine

Wisdom  (Read Wisdom for Knowledge)

Wisdom : International Monthly magazine for Kids

Wisdom is one of India's best magazine that encourage Kids in improving their knowledge through their weekly booklet.It has lots of life inspiring stories, fun page, kids activity area, food for health section, knowledge treat to readers, tech Tips for children's, Puzzles, Riddles sections etc that help in enlightening and entertaining millions of children's across India and other countries.Wisdom Ranks holds the first Rank among Educative monthly Digest in India

Also, Wisdom magazine consistently awards forty or more individuals for their extraordinary and exemplary achievements Star of India,"Sangeetha Rathna","Seva Rathna is some of the Prestigious awards.

Magazine Cost: 15 Rs
Type: Monthly Magazine
Wisdom Educational Magazine Subscription Link: Wisdom

E-magazine Coming Soon.
   Wisdom has planned to enable E-magazine for their readers very soon.

Young Explorer: Science Magazine for Kids
Junior Kids Magazine

Young Explore is India’s first and only career magazine for school students. The Magazine was launched by MET League of colleges to inculcate the habit of “Right Reading “in children. The 24-page monthly tabloid covers a range of subject like science, technology, current affairs, arts, career, Personality Development, Astronomy, Psychology, management, sports etc. Besides it also has fun elements like puzzles, quizzes and crosswords.
 Other than Young Explorer, there are few more magazines that are being published by them.
  1. Knowledge Explorer
  2. Kids Explorer
  3. Juinor Explorer

Type: Monthly Magazine
Young Explorer Subscription Link: Young Explorer

Sanctuary Cubs 

Sanctuary Magazine for Animal lovers

Animal lover Kids might adore this magazine that brings out exciting articles, anecdotes, and minutiae on wildlife. With a four sized, magazine pleasant pages and extraordinary pix, this makes for a satisfying examine.It also has the best picture of animals that is sure to attract kids and their parents.

Magazine Cost: Rs 100
Subscribe to Sanctuary Cubs Here: Sanctuary 

Toot and Hoot Kids Magazine
Toot Magazine: The Play and Learn Magazine

Impulse established two specific Children Magazine in the year 2009 - Impulse Toot and Impulse Hoot.Within the 1st year of launch over 1,20,000 subscribed.

Hoot: The Children's Magazine for Kids
Toot, a well-designed magazine for preschoolers, and hoot, its equivalent for kids elderly 7-eleven, together bring an entire form of subjects to life in refreshingly innovative ways! Toot pursuits to fulfil the curiosity in every toddler by using introducing concepts together with reading, writing, colouring and logical thinking, whilst hoot gives pages packed with brain-busting good judgment games, exciting articles about the sector and surroundings, or even educational advice on coping with checks and homework. At Rs. 699 according to yr, this “play and analyze” magazine is a quite suitable funding

NatGeo Young Explorer (World's most Loved Kids Magazine)

National Geographic Young Explorer for Kids

National Geography Young Explorer was launched in 1975, addressing 6-to-14-year old boys and girls. The World Readership of this magazine is more than 4 million. As of now, National Geographic Kids has 18 local language editions.National Geographic Kids engages kids & parents with colourful graphics and fascinating bits of information about nature, science, technology, the environment, and world cultures.Kids love the fun & surprise in the learning provided by National Geographic Kids. Knowledge about animals, nature and the world packed with fun.

Magazine Cost: Rs 50
Type: Monthly Magazine

Balvihar Magazine 
Balvihar Magazine for Kids

Balvihar is a children's magazine started by Chinmaya Mission.The motive behind the magazine is to provide kids with new interesting information, and stimulating articles on Indian Culture.It also consists of poems, riddles, puzzles, jokes and quiz questions.The Balvihar Magazine has vibrant illustrations that captivate the kid's imagination and makes learning a fun and enjoyable.
Subscribe for Balvihar Maganize to know and learn more about Indian Culture and scared stories 

Writing for a children’s magazine is exciting. I realised that being a child has nothing to do with chronological age. Freshness of approach, a sense of wonder, a sense of fun - that’s what childhood is all about. - Bharati Sukhatankar, Editorial Advisor of Balvihar Balvihar 

Top Best Magazines for Kids in Hindi:

Chacha Chaudhary (India's Favorite Comic)

Chacha Chaudhary For Kids

Chacha Chaudhary is a very popular Indian comic book character, created by cartoonist Pran. The comic comes in ten Indian languages including Hindi and English and has sold almost ten million copies. Chacha Chaudhary was created in 1971 for the Hindi magazine Lotpot. It soon became popular among kids and the elderly alike. 

Chacha Chaudhary is a middle class Indian, frail but an extremely intelligent old man. Chacha Chaudhary's attire includes his red turban, a wooden stick, a waistcoat with a double inside pocket, and a pocket watch. 

Magazine Cost: Rs 50
Type: Monthly Magazin
Subscribe to Chacha Chaudhary Magazine Here: Chacha Chaudhary
You can Get Your Favorite Chacha Chaudhary on Amazon: Amazon Link

Akkad Bakkad - Favorite Hindi Magazine

Akkad Bakkak : favorite Hindi Magazine

Another Magazine brought up by Manorama Publication "Akkad Bakkad".This Little magazine guides your children to the world of Hindi Learning through simple stories, games, puzzles etc.Each story has a small editor note pinned at the top of the story which lets the readers know what the story is about and what to expect from the story.Best suited for nursery and Primary school children.

Magazine Cost: Rs 20
Type: Monthly Magazine
Subscribe to Akkad Bakkad Kids Magazine Here: Akkad Bakkad

Balhans magazine is yet another favourite Hindi kids magazine from patrika organization. The balhans covers all kids stories, funny testimonies, animal stories, and so forth.

Type: 2 weeks once
Subscribe to Balhans Magazine Here: Balhans


Nandan Hindi Magazine for Kids

Nandan, HT Media’s monthly Children Magazine is more than 47 years old brand. The magazine was started in November 1964 in the memory of Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru, with its first issue being dedicated to the late Prime Minister. Over the years it has developed a strong bond with its readers and is extremely popular among children and their families in India and abroad. Taking an edge over other children magazines, Nandan provides a mix of traditional and modern stories, poems, interactive columns, interesting facts and many educative columns, leading to the wholesome development of our children. It keeps our children abreast with our cultural ethos, exposes them to latest happenings in and around the world and engages them in numerous fun activities, shaping their mind and behaviour in a positive way.

Magazine Cost: Rs 25
Subscribe to Nandan Kids Magazine Here: Nandan 

I still remember the days when I use to early wait for the Magazines to read be it Magic Pot,chandamama, scholastic - I just loved everything in it. The crossword puzzle, the Suppandi stories, Ludapi's mysterious works, the colouring activity, the jokes corner everything. Each magazine had its own way of making me happy.I read the scholastic magazine from my school.My school librarian was very keen on making kids learn many things during that period.
With so love for Magazines, we have listed the Best Weekly/Monthly Magazines for Kids.Science Magazines, short stories magazine, girly magazine, animal love magazine etc has been shared. Hope it is of great use for all.
Have anything to SHARE with us, Leave it in the Comment Box. Also, share your Favorite Magazine 

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