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Tamil - the ancient and the native language of Tamil Nadu(India) and Sri Lanka.It has the longest unbroken literary tradition amongst the four major Dravidian Languages(Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam).The Language has its own importance with lots of renowned works which are still the best in the world. Read all the mindblowing Tamil books here for Free.Books of Ponniyin Selvan, Sivakamiyin Sabadhan to Tamil Literature books are available here.


The earliest Tamil Literature goes back to the "SAGAM" Period from 600 BC-200 AD.Three sangams at Madura, Kapatapuram and the northern  Madura respectively are believed to have existed.Most of the works relating to the first two sagams dealt mainly with music and dance. Unfortunately “Tolkappiyam is the only available work of these two sangams.
“Tolkappiyam" is the work on the grammar of Tamil Language and the earliest extant work of Tamil literature. It is written in the form of short formulaic compositions.

The Sangam literature provides very valuable economic and political life of the people living in deltaic Tamil Nadu in the early Christian centuries .the post sagam periods is notable for the composition of Silappadikaram, Manimekalai, Jivaka Chintamani, Valaiyapati and Kundalakesi.The five minor works of Yasodharakaviyam,chulamani, Perunkathai, Nagakumara kaviyam and Nilakesi are the contributors.


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